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Under Pressure FULL RANGE

Under Pressure FULL RANGE
Brand: Novus

Under request we can provide from very simple and economical pressure transmitters to the most advanced and accurate pressure, level and flow monitoring and controlling systems.
Under Pressure FULL RANGE


  • Sensors from 1milibar to 1000 bar
  • Relative pressure Transmitters
  • Differential pressure Transmitters
  • Absolute pressure Transmitters
  • Submersible level transmitters are water and oil resistant
  • Sanitary pressure transmitters for food
  • High accuracy at 1mbar or at 600bar
  • Vaccum measurement
  • Pressure switches with relay contact
  • Working temperature: -30° to 80°C
  • Microprocessor based pressure indicators and controllers with field programmed rangeability
  • Direct excitation without external power
  • Competence in 1 unit or in batches of 1 million units
  • Made in a highly automated plant in Switzerland

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