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Flow Calibration Test Bench

Flow Calibration Test Bench
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The orifice assembly or the flow control element, valve, is calibrated under fluid mechanics standards of ISO 5167 and IEC 60534 standards. The process and the procedure of the measuring flow calibration of the device and the design is as per the international standards applicable for volumetric and gravimetric conditions. The flow calibration bench for upto 12” size, is applicable for pressure 2 rating upto 3 kg /cm g and for all ambient conditions. The testing media is water. The calibration unit is under free length or straight length as per the ISO standards for mounting in such conditions applicable for orifice assemblies with water as media and with calculated beta value to decide the free length for calibration of sensors. For valves, the condition is kept at ambient conditions with water and based on IEC 60534 standard the flow coefficient value of the valve is matched with desired flow rate applicable under differential pressure conditions, under applicable and available free or straight lengths. The bench gets the water from an underground tank with an overall capacity of m3 which is having a magnetic level gauge mounted to check the level of water. The level in turn helps to clear the pressure applicable under the centrifugal pump which is mounted to the side to generate the desired and the requisite pressure for the flow assembly, either valve or orifice. The differential pressure in the assembly is created by either manually adjusting the input pressure, with adjustable valves at the input line to the device for calibration or by pneumatically adjusting the variations through control pneumatic actuators adjusting to set points.
Flow Calibration Test Bench


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