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Single & Multistage Restriction Orifice Assembly

Single & Multistage Restriction Orifice Assembly
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The restriction orifices are used for reducing fluid pressure and are designed somewhat different from the orifice plates that are used for measuring flow rates. They are designed to slip between the piping flanges. While single restriction orifices are often sufficient to meet the requirements, there are situations where limitations arise due to process conditions making the single restriction orifices unacceptable. In such situations, use of multiple restriction in series is a better solution. The foremost consideration for the case of multiple restriction is the pressure drop. This applies whether or not the fluid is liquid or vapor/gas.Higher pressure drop implies higher velocities resulting in vibration and noise problems. The other consideration is not just about maximum permitted pressure drop and this is particularly for gas flow. If the process condition indicates that critical flow will occur with the use of single restriction plate, care should be exercised to avoid operating well beyond the critical pressure drop. Critical implies a pressure drop across the device exceeding 50 percent of the absolute upstream pressure at which point sonic velocity is reached. Construction of Multistage Orifice Assembly comprises of multiple restriction orifice plates separated by a distance of one pipe diameter and welded with the pipes in between them. End connection is either suitable for butt welding or with end flanges. IBR Form IIIC certificate can be provided as per requirement.
Single & Multistage Restriction Orifice Assembly


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