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RTD Manufacturers

RTD Manufacturers
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Accurate temperature monitoring and control begins with a properly designed sensor. RTD - Resistance Temperature Detector used for temperature measurement (-) 200°C to 500°C (upto 800°C on request). must have the physical configuration necessary for optimum thermal response to the process fluid it is sensing and the resistive element compatible with instrumentation. State-of-the-art Laser Welding adopted to weld element to transducer case and bulb to sheath. High integrity construction. High accuracy, repeatability. High insulation resistance (>100 M ohm @ 500 VDC at 25°C) Wide operating range i.e. (-) 200°C to 800°C Fast response Mineral insulated construction enables the sheath to be bent / routed to suit installation without affecting performance. Available in variety of sheath diameters. Two, three and four wire configuration Calibration in accordance with IEC 751 Class A type or 1/3 DIN with special limits of error optional#. Suitable for head mounted transmitters.
RTD Manufacturers


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