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Pan Cake type Diaphragm Seal

Pan Cake type Diaphragm Seal
Brand: Gauges Bourdon France - Model: CSU-PCS

Pan Cake type Diaphragm Seal is sandwiched between the Instrument Flange (loose back-up flange) and Process (Nozzle) Flange. It is always provided with Capillary for the remote mounting of the Pressure Instrument. Pan Cake type Diaphragm Seals is ideal for fluids which are viscous or containing solid particles. The Diaphragm is directly welded to the Pan Cake unit and there are no cavities or hidden ports where the process fluid can enter and clog the system. Optionally, Flushing Ring (Spacer Ring) with 1⁄4 NPT(F) or 1⁄2 NPT(F) connection can be provided as per the requirement. Flushing Connection enables the user to purge / flush out / clean the area below the diaphragm without removing the Seal from the process line.
Pan Cake type Diaphragm Seal


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