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In-line Flow Through Type Diaph.Seal

In-line Flow Through Type Diaph.Seal
Brand: Gauges Bourdon France - Model: CSU - IRW

Ring type In-Line Diaphragm Seals are installed directly in the process flow line. These are also referred to as Isolating Rings. Isolating Rings are recommended when the process media is Slurr y or a liquid that contains a solid component or viscous. The area behind the flexible cylinder is sealed with suitable filling fluid. As the process fluid flows though the pipe, it exer ts pressure on the flexible cylinder (Cylindrical Diaphragm), which is transmitted to the pressure instrument through the filling fluid. The diameter of the innerflexible cylinder is same as the inner diameter of the process pipe. Thus it is continuously washed / cleaned by the flowing process media, thereby avoid any clogging, which results in accurate reading of the pressure instrument. Instrument Removal Valve: One additional feature offered by us is the Instrument Removal Valve, which facilitates the removal of the Pressure instrument for Calibration or repair without interr upting the flow in processes line. Optional Feature: Cooling Tower Capillary tubing for Remote mounting of the Pressure Instrument
In-line Flow Through Type Diaph.Seal


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