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Flow Nozzel

Flow Nozzel
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General Flow Nozzle is used in typically high-velocity, non- viscous, erosive flow. They are suitable for determining the flow rates of fluids at high temperature and high pressure. General Flow Nozzles are erosion-resistant, consistently accurate and vir tually maintenance-free. They per form a wide variety of applications that include air, water, steam, gas, chemical substances and high temperature applications. The rounded design provides a more effective sweep-through of par ticles in the flow stream, which extends product life by reducing wear and potential damage. Flow Nozzles are manufactured in strict accordance with ASME MFC-3M, BS-1042 and ISO-5167 standards. For critical measurement applications, wet calibration at reputed flow laboratories can be offered. Also we have an IBR approval for our manufacturing unit hence we can provide IBR form IIIC cer tificate for flow nozzles. Flow Nozzles have a smooth elliptical inlet leading to a throat section with a sharp outlet. Restriction in the fluid flow causes a pressure drop, which relates to the flow rate by applying Bernoulli’s equation.The smooth inlet of the flow nozzle results in a higher coefficient of discharge than most other differential meters. This higher efficiency means greater flow capacity when compared to most other differential meters of the same size. There are three types of Flow Nozzles ISA 1932, with corner taps ASME long radius, low beta ratio (0.20 < b < 0.5), with throat tap ASME long radius, high beta ratio (0.25 < b < 0.8), with radius taps (D & D/2) ASME long radius, low beta ratio Nozzle with throat taps is used in steam turbine per formance test as per ASME PTC-6 code. ISA-1932 nozzle can be mounted with carrier ring or in between flanges with corner taps. Long radius nozzle are normally with weld-in branch pipe with radius taps. To avoid welding of dissimilar metals, nozzles are also installed in the pipe with holding ring.
Flow Nozzel


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