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Bimetal Dial Thermometer

Bimetal Dial Thermometer
Brand: Gauges Bourdon France - Model: BDT

The Bimetal thermometer employs a bimetal strip in the form of helix (it works on the principle of thermal expansion - two metals having different coefficient of expansions are joined to form a bimetal. The resultant expansion of bimetal is proportional to temperature). Bimetal dial thermometers are simple in construction, yet rugged. They are used for measurement of temperature in most of the industrial o applications. They are offered in the range of (-)50 C to 600 C. With rigid stem having bottom or back entry. It can also be offered in every angle rotatable construction. Rugged construction Bottom / Back entry, every angle construction Fast response Protection class IP-67 Accuracy ± 1% FSD High repeatability, low hysteresis Hermetically sealed case
Bimetal Dial Thermometer


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